G & Tea Amethyst Premium Cocktail Infusion  


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Inspired by flavours of Thailand through Lemongrass, butterfly pea and ginger root. Amethyst Bursts with not just one colour, but two thanks to the magical flower Butterfly Pea. Amethyst offers a more citrus and subtle spice trail as you follow sip by refreshing sip. Infuse the Amethyst G&Tea bag in your glass and watch as the colour reveals itself as blue, adding tonic to the mix transforms the hue to a striking purple.

For best results pour your gin into a transparent teapot or into your glass. Pop a G&Tea bag into the gin and wait a few minutes and dip the bag occasionally to ensure the contents of the bag have been submerged in gin (do not constantly dip the bag) . The colour should start to reveal itself after a minute, the longer you leave the infusion, the more concentrated the flavour and the colour become, it’s up to you. Place some ice into the glass and top up with your desired amount of tonic water. Simple, it’s G&Tea time!