G & Tea Vermilion Premium Cocktail Infusion


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An array of balanced flavour that will amp up your usual gin and tonic reseame. If you think Affinity was delicious before, Vermillion offers you another flavour journey to take. Honey bush sweetens your drink further and befriends the delicate rose petals to lighten to a more floral experience. Whilst the orange and Rosella which feature in Affinity also pop the flavour further. Rosella Hibiscus performs beautifully with it’s natural striking colourant which gives Vermilion its name.

For best results pour your gin into a transparent teapot or into your glass. Pop a G&Tea bag into the gin and wait a few minutes and dip the bag occasionally to ensure the contents of the bag have been submerged in gin (do not constantly dip the bag) . The colour should start to reveal itself after a minute, the longer you leave the infusion, the more concentrated the flavour and the colour become, it’s up to you. Place some ice into the glass and top up with your desired amount of tonic water. Simple, it’s G&Tea time!