Market Rules & Regs

All vendors must complete and lodge an Application Form prior to the market and agree and abide by the Market Rules and Regulations. A hard copy of the Market Rules and Regulations can be downloaded here.

Stallholders and Produce
“A Farmers Market is a predominately fresh food market that operates regularly within a community, at a focal location that provides a suitable environment for farmers and food producers to sell farm-origin and associated value-added processed food products directly to customers.” Australian Farmers’ Market Association”.

The geographical areas from which the Good Food Market will predominately give preference to local vendors. Other vendors will be considered where produce is different and unique and cannot be sourced locally.

However, outside vendors may be allowed, at the discretion of the Market Committee, if their product adds  to the diversity of the market.

The following products are encouraged for sale:

  • Edible products that are produced, caught, grown or raised locally. These are to make up the majority of produce sold at the market.
  • Edible value-added products where the primary ingredient is produced locally.
  • A non-edible product which is grown or produced locally e.g. flowers, plants, vegetable/fruit seedlings etc.

Approval of products sold by vendors is on the basis of the products specified on their application. If a vendor’s product changes, a new application must be submitted.

Stalls and Site Costs

A stall is defined as a 3metre by 3metre area or of a multiple e.g. 3×3, 3×6, 3×9 etc, predominantly of a marquee structure. If additional space is required vendors can apply for multiply stalls at additional cost. Marquees and trestles are to be supplied by vendors.

Stall fees are payable every WEDNESDAY leading up to the Saturday Market. Please deposit the stall fee into the market account, as follows.

ACC Name: Richmond Good Food Market 

BSB: 062-692

ACC: 3930 1376


Please enter your Business Name or INV Number as a reference. Failure to pay site fees without prior consult will potentially result in the stall being cancelled and allocated to someone else. Should you not be able to attend, in some circumstances half of your fee will be carried over to the next market, this is at the market committees discretion. In the event that the Market Committee cancels the market, no fees apply.

For cash payments, please arrange with the market committee prior to the market. 


The cost per stalls is as follows;

Artisan Stall Prices

  • Sites 3m x 3m = $80
  • Sites 6m + x 3m = $120

Food Stall Prices

  • Sites 3m x 3m = $95
  • Sites 6m x 3m = $130
  • Food Trucks = $130

Larger sites are price on application.

Power will be charged at $1.25 per amp
e.g. 10 amps = $12.50 – 15 amps = $18.75

Please note that prices INCLUDE GST

There will be no charge for workshop/demonstrations, however they will be required to supply their own stall if required.

Optional marketing and advertising on the website and media release service costs can be arranged by consulting the market committee.

The Market Committee reserves the right to change the size, shape and position of any site(s) as may be necessary to allow market stalls to better fit within the premises.

Permanent Vendors

Permanent vendors are considered to be constant, weekly and in advance with fees and charges.

Permanent vendors will have preference of stall position over casual vendors, (with no guarantee) at the Market Committee’s discretion. Any cancellations should be in writing to the market committee and are non refundable or transferrable if cancelled after 5pm Wednesday prior to the market.

Casual Vendors

Casual vendors will be considered and will need to complete application form available here by advising of the dates/months they would like to book.

Any cancellations should be in writing to the Market Committee and are non refundable.

Workshops and Demonstrations

Workshops will be related to produce, e.g. how to grow organic produce, how to create your own veggie patch, how to prune fruit trees, companion planting etc.

Workshops/demonstrations will run from a designated area – refer to site plan. Any deviation will be at the Market Committee’s discretion on receipt of application.

Workshops/demonstrations will supply their own stall if required.

Any vehicle or stall that is preparing food for public consumption is to comply with Council’s “Information for Food Stall Holders” brochure. This information and any related food/public health information can be obtained by contacting Hawkesbury Council’s Environmental Health Officer on (02) 4560 4444

General Rules and Regulations

ATTENDANCE & WEATHER CONDITIONS: Our markets are ‘all weather markets’,  and are advertised to the public as operating ‘rain, hail or shine’ and as such will operate irrespective of weather conditions. Inclement weather is no excuse for nonattendance. As a market stallholder you have an obligation to attend the market. This is not only paramount to the success of the market but also supports fellow vendors who trade and rely heavily on the market as a source of income. It is a vendor’s responsibility to ensure that their product is protected and that they have all the necessary equipment on hand to do so (i.e. gazebo sides, weights to secure gazebo etc. Management requires that all stallholders plan against adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, cold and heat and ensures that appropriate safety and wet weather procedures are in place. In the event that the market committee cancelled Richmond Good Food Market, any paid stall fees will be moved to the next operational market.
NOTE: This is an insurance requirement and is mandatory.
The Market Committee, its operator/s, servants, agents and/or assigns shall not be liable for loss or damage to stock and/or equipment however caused.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: The market will operate between 8.00am and 1.00pm on market days (every Saturday, excluding holidays). Vendors may commence to set up their stalls so as to ready for commencement of trade at 8.00am. In the best interest of the market and as a courtesy to fellow traders, early departures will not be permitted, except in the case of an emergency or unless discussed with the market committee prior. Marquees are to remain erected until close of market trade. In the event of a ‘sell out’, stallholders are to display a sign indicating that their goods are ‘sold out’ and marquees are to remain standing. Consideration will be given to special circumstances and only by prior arrangement. In the event that an early departure has been approved by the Market Committee, marquees and all equipment must be ‘walked’ out. No vehicle access during market trade hours.

VEHICLE PARKING: Vendors and their staff must park their vehicles where directed. Follow market staff directives re: vehicle parking. The Richmond Park car park will be reserved for vendors that sell from refrigerated vehicles. I.e. fish, meat and specialist larger vehicles. Vendors are not to park in the Richmond Park car park during market trading hours unless prior approval has been given. Suggested vendor parking is on the Market St and surrounding streets.

VEHICLE SAFETY/UNLOADING PROCEDURE: Stallholders must unload vehicles then take the car out of the market precinct and park in the designated areas before setting up their stalls. Vehicles must drive slow – 5 kph at all times – hazard lights on. Lights on if dark.

As children will be in attendance, no products, goods that could be considered offensive may be displayed. Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. Vendors are to report any abuse they may incur from customers to the Market Committee who will refer the matter to the police.

END OF TRADE PACK UP/VEHICLE PROCEDURES: All stock, goods and/or items must be packed up first. Marquee/umbrellas to be dismantled and packed up. Site to be cleaned and all rubbish removed.
NOTE: Market bins are for lightweight rubbish only, not vendor produce, rubbish and/or boxes.

Vehicles to enter market grounds once the above have been done first. Vendors are responsible for the removal of all rubbish and must leave their site clean and clear of all debris. The rule is simple: If you bring it in, you take it home. Do not throw boxes and food produce in the Market Committee supplied wheelie rubbish or Council bins.

GROUND COVER FOR YOUR STALL/PROTECTING THE GROUND: Regardless of where a stall is positioned and is either likely to create a mess or erode the surface (i.e. grass), it is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that there is a suitable and safe ground cover in the stall and that the site is left in a clean state on completion of the market. It is Council Requirement to have adequate ground cover.

SALE OF MANUFACTURED FOODS, HOT FOODS, CONSUMABLE GOODS & FOOD PERMITS: It is the vendor’s obligation to ensure that all Council and Government guidelines and health regulations are met, that all appropriate licenses are obtained, that the setup of the stall meets all Council, health and safety requirements and that these obligations are met at all times and are adhered to.

TASTE TESTING/SAMPLING OF GOODS: Stalls which hand out samples of food/taste testing must ensure that they comply with Council and health regulations and that all required licences are in place. The liability to comply with all laws falls on the vendor. The Market Committee assumes no liability if stallholders do not comply with their legal obligations.

PRICING OF PRODUCE: Stallholders may set prices as they see appropriate. Scales and/or any instruments used for measurement of goods sold on a mass basis must be certified as being appropriate for commercial use in accordance with legislative guidelines.

EQUIPMENT: Stallholders are to supply own equipment and to ensure that they have everything required to operate – gazebo/s, weights/sandbags, table/s, chairs etc

SITE PRESENTATION & SIGNAGE: Please ensure that your site is well presented, tidy and safe at all times. Tablecloths are to be used and signage promoting your stall and/or products is highly recommended. Signs erected must not impede pedestrian flows, must not display any offensive material and must be clean and presentable.

STALL & PERSONAL SECURITY: Security of a vendor’s stock, produce, equipment, cash and personal effects is the responsibility of the stallholder.

VENDOR’S CONDUCT: Vendors are expected to act in a professional manner at all times. Market Committee will not tolerate any offensive comments, unwarranted gossip or bad behavior.

PUBLIC LIABILITY/INSURANCE: Richmond Good Food Market Pty Ltd the “Market Committee” Public Liability does not cover vendors and/or their products. It is the responsibility of all vendors to ensure that that they are insured for Public Liability, Personal Indemnity and Product Liability (where applicable) with a minimum of $20m as required by law and to provide a copy of their “Certificate of Currency”. The Certificate of Currency must have “Richmond Good Food Market Pty Ltd” noted as an interested party on the Certificate of Currency. If you require insurance for your stall, it can be obtained from or Alternatively, you can call Ian Hewitt & Associates on 02 4731 5335 and advise what the insurance is for, and they can assist. Vendors are to ensure that their stall area remains clean and safe to the public at all times and to ensure that their product meets statutory health requirements and in no way poses any health risks to the consumer. (Please provide your renewed policy upon renewal.)

WEIGHTS/SECURING GAZEBOS: Irrespective of weather conditions, gazebos must be weighted down with heavy sandbags or with appropriate and secure weights at all times. Pegs are not to be used in the grounds as there is underground irrigation services. This is a Council Requirement. Ask a member of the management team for direction if you are unsure.
NOTE: This is an insurance requirement and is mandatory. Umbrellas must also be safely secured with a heavy base and tied to your gazebo where possible. No exceptions. We must be mindful of the parks irrigation at all times. If you need assistance with this please ask the coordinator.

ELECTRICITY & ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Electricity can be provided to vendors at an additional cost. Request for electricity usage must be applied for and is subject to approval and availability. Limits to the number of power points allocated and amperage available applies. Vendors are to ensure that all power leads and/or electrical appliances used are safe and that they comply with Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) requirements and are tagged and tested in accordance with statutory guidelines. Credits/refunds will not be given for any electrical supply issues.

PERSONAL DATA: It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that the Market Committee has current details on file – that contact numbers are current: mobile, landline, email etc.

SMOKING: Due to government health regulations, smoking is not permitted in stalls or within the market area. If you are a smoker, do so in the designated areas – see the Market Committee.

DOGS: Due to government/Council health regulations dogs are not permitted in stalls or within the market area if unfriendly.

MARKET SITES: Stallholders do not own their sites, obtain no rights to their sites, cannot transfer or sell their sites or otherwise deal with their sites. Market sites/stalls are hired strictly on a weekly basis. The Market Committee reserves the right to cancel, alter or re-allocate sites to other stallholders or positions.

EXCLUSIVITY: No vendor is guaranteed exclusivity for his or her product.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL/ADVERTISING: Market Management reserves the right to use vendor images and/or photos, which may contain images of the vendor and/or their produce for promotional purposes. Please note, if no information or photos have been provided by 5pm Wednesday prior to the market, you may not be advertised. Failure to not provide promotional information will only negatively affect your business. You are welcome to submit information every week. 

LOST AND FOUND PROCEDURES: All ‘found’ items are to be handed in to the Market Committee. Vendors are to place members of the public who have ‘lost items’ in touch with the Market Committee.

GENERAL RULES AND CONDITIONS: The Market Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any person and/or trader or to refuse the sale of any item and/or product. The Market Committee, its operator/s, servants, agents and/or assignees shall not be liable for the loss or damage to any vehicle, anything therein, or to any person from whatever cause arising and whether due to the negligence of the Market operator (vendor) its servants and/or agents or otherwise.


  • No food or drink may be sold at any market without the prior approval of market management.
  • All vendors’ sites need to be booked prior to attending. Casual stalls are subject to site availability at time of request.
  • The Market operators, its servants and/or agents are not liable for any loss or damage to any person or their property from whatever cause.
  • It is an offence punishable by law to sell stolen, counterfeit or any merchandise that may infringe on any copyright, trademark or design.
  • Manufactured, labelled and dated confectionery such as: Biscuits, jams, pickles etc are permitted, however, homemade goods must be wrapped, sealed and labelled in accordance with Council, Weights and Measures and Health regulations.
  • Vendors must not leave any rubbish, produce and/or goods in the market area.
  • The types of goods sold are at the discretion of the Market Committee and all products/changes are to be run by the market committee before sale.
  • Vendors do not own their sites. Stalls cannot be sold or transferred.
  • The Market Committee reserves the right to refuse applications and/or stallholders at Management’s discretion.