Heritage Portraits




Launched in 2018 by husband and wife team Nick and Ally, Karu Distillery’s focus has always been to create quality spirits that highlight the science and art of the distillation process.

Based in the Devils Wilderness NSW the range has grown to include Affinity a contemporary Australian gin, Lightning a navy strength gin, Morita a chipotle vodka and Outcask a golden rum. 

Karu is one of Australia’s most awarded distilleries, in 2021 Lightning gin took out the Trophy for best contemporary gin at the International Wines & Spirits Competition.

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Ding is our 280L Gin and Vodka still that has produced many award-winning drops at our Distillery. He named himself, upon arrival we unwrapped him and there was a huge DING in the back of him to which no one wanted to take responsibility for….hmmm.  Makes no difference to us, we love him anyway.


Megatron is our latest and greatest piece of shiny distillery equipment. She is 600L and beats Nick for the ‘Tallest at the Distillery’ title by far. Megatron is being commissioned for gin and vodka distilling.

Copper pot still at Karu Distillery


Calcifer is named after the fire demon from Howl’s Moving Castle and is the heart of rum production for Karu Distillery. He spends his days getting filthy with molasses goodness and producing some tasty tasty new make that, once matured becomes our Outcask Rum. He is a good boy.