Babushkas Bagels


Proposed Products/Services to be Offered:Babushkas Bagels are made the old traditional way, no cutting corners.
You cannot speed up this process to produce quality bagels.
Using the finest ingredients the dough has to sit and rise. It is then hand rolled, each and every bagel creating a tight dough that tastes like nothing any bagel-shaping machine can achieve.
Then boiled, not sprayed but totally immersed in boiling water.
This process gives the bagel its unique texture, crusty and shiny on the outside and soft on the inside.
If you manage to not eat all the bagels straight away… they store fantastically in the fridge and freezer.
And when you are ready for a fresh baked bagel pop it into your toaster or microwave. It will be as fresh as it was on the day it was made.
A bagel can be substituted for any bread product and will give your sandwich a unique flavour and texture.AND there’s 10 varieties!!