Toads Kitchen Cupboard


Proposed Products:

  • Hot Smoked Chicken breast & Rainbow Trout fillets:
    We brine both of these products using sea salt & sugar, absoultely no additives or extra preservatives. They are then hot smoked using hickory timber. We do not use any fake flavour or smoke.
  • Smoked Chicken Dip:
    Using our Smoked Chicken Breast we have created a dip that is creamy, seriously delicious and addictive.
  • Fridge Pickles:
    A perfect compliment to all of our products is our small range of Fridge Pickles. Currently in this range is Pickled Cucumbers, Cauliflower, & Onions. A must for any antipasto or cheeseboard.
  • Chilli Sauce range:
    We produce a small range of Chilli sauces, and currently include a hot sauce, sweet chilli & ginger and a chilli oil. All are perfectly balanced each with their own flavour and individual punch of heat.
  • Toads Tasting Plate:
    This is a small vacuum packed tray that includes a mixture of our products, perfect for a picnic, day at the races, hens day, or a car trip up the mountains.
  • Mr Flaxy Smoked Salmon:
    This is a product that we do not make but are considering supplying pending a few things including individual market approvals. This is small artisan product smoked in the Northern suburbs of Sydney.